Wise Guy Security Training Academy has been firmly established in the private security industry for over a decade.

We are fully Accredited by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. (PSIRA) The Academy’s Training Program is designed to assist our students realise their potential to become the best candidates for today’s security personnel appointments.

We strive to provide our candidates with the best opportunity to secure licensed employment with Accredited Security Service Providers as well as a reliable facility for the upgrading of existing staff members.

We are pleased to support our community by providing ongoing opportunities that empower those on need to acquire the skills necessary to secure employment. Wise Guy Security Training Academy take special pride in our speedy registration process and our personal service includes delivery to your premises on request.


Wise Guy Security Training Academy inspire life long learning, ensure advanced safety, minimize crime, encourage community participation and build strategic networks so as to promote an integrated security service.


Wise Guy Security Training Academy have a vision to attain a leading edge in the commercial and residential Security Sector as well as electronic Security systems. We will always strive to train effective and responsive Security Guards.

Our expert instructors have compiled an advanced program, reinforcing enhanced skills and intelligence to propel our graduates beyond the standard level of delivery. Our pool of specialists combine a vast knowledge base with all the resources of the industry and community. Our self-study system, built on the single minded goal of accomplishing a leading edge in information and skills transfer, is recognized and applied by many reputable operators in the industry, resulting in self-study materials that empower our students to become the top candidates for Accredited Security Personnel appointments in the industry. Our instructors are among the leading security and law enforcement professionals, who energize the tutorial interaction with their own experience, providing insights that set our classes apart.


We Strive towards a prosperous working environment in terms of skills development, motivation, loyalty & performance measurement a top priority.


Ensure high visibility at all times. Control all exits & entrances of clients premises. Search vehicles & people for safety of the premises. Effective patrols ensure the safety of our clients. Communicate regularly with local security sectors to address safety needs. Use card systems to identity staff & our clients. Report & remove opportunities for criminals that may lead to crime.