Women Trained to help them find Jobs

Hope 4 Destiny trained 18 women as accredited security guards and they will now have the opportunity to find employment to support their families.
The mothers were specifically chosen by Hope 4 Destiny, a community organisation which operates in Eindhoven.
Councillor Rose Rau, chairperson of subcouncil 5, says the organisation runs a grassroots crèche from the home of the founder of the organisation, Janap Odendaal. The organisation focuses on youth groups and have outreach programmes for the elderly as well. “Odendaal approached De Beers Marine (Pty) Limited who then offered to fund the training,” she says.

Oscar Petersen, a representative of De Beers, directed the organisation to Mario Firmstone from Firmstone Consulting and Security Academy and Rafee Moosagie from Wise Guy Security Training Academy.
Rau says both Moosagie and Firmstone offer accredited security training with placement after the course.
She says the graduates have qualified on three levels and can now go on to do more training as the opportunities arise.
“I have been involved with Odendaal for about three years and play a mentoring role as well as helping with networking or opportunities when they come up,” Rau says, adding that subcouncil 5 was able to help with providing free usage of the hall for the training and with the creating of an occasion for the certificate ceremony.
“This organisation does wonderful work and to see so many young women wanting to improve their lives and that of their families is truly amazing,” she says.

Tygerburger Newspaper April 2016